Accreditation & Licenses Dennis Transport hold current:

Quality Assurance Manual

Dennis Transport operates under a Quality Assurance Manual which is modeled on ISO 9000:2000 . This manual incorporates both Food Quality elements and ties together all Industry Accreditation Standards

Safety Management System

Safety Management system in place that is an audit requirement of the below Industry Accreditations which are audited annually.


Dennis Transport is a signatory to the Australian Logistics Councils Retail Logistics Supply Chain Code of Conduct.

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Trucksafe Accreditation

Member of the ATA ( Australian Trucking Association ) Trucksafe Program

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National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation three modules

> Mass Management
> Vehicle Maintenance
> BFM – Fatigue Management
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WA Heavy Vehicle Accreditation

Main Roads WA accreditation in three modules

 Maintenance Management
Fatigue Management

Dimension and Load Management

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Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point ( Food Quality & Hygiene Accreditation Program)
Accredited with International Standards Certifications Pty Ltd  to Codex Alimentarius
CAC/RCP 1-1969
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Export Dairy and Dairy products – Frozen, Chiller and Dry

Export Fish and Fish Products – Frozen and Chiller

PIRSA – Meat Transport Vehicle Accreditation

Primary Industries and Resources SA – Cold Storage, Meat Distribution & Transportation Accreditation

DAFF Accreditation

Department of Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry Quarantine Inspection Service

Approved Place for Quarantine Class ES

2.51 Quarantine Temperature Controlled Storage Facilities – Specified Baitfish

AACA ( Accredited Air Cargo Agent )

Accredited to transport Security cleared Air Cargo both Domestic & International.

Accredited Environmental Management System

Business SA Bronze Certificate which aligns with ISO 14001:2004

Environmental  Protection Authority License

Licensed to transport waste under EPA Regulations

3(5)(a) Waste Transport ( Category A )  Listed Waste

3(5)(b) Waste Transport ( Category A )  Commercial & Industrial Waste

3(6)(b) Waste Transport ( Category B )   Solid  Waste

Should you require any further information on our accreditations contact our Compliance & Training Coordinator Ron Harvey 0429 816 447